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From Don Petrasek, Cleveland Ohio Real Estate Investor

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  • how to determine the right purchase offer to make on a fixer upper house???


  • whether or not a contractor is quoting you a fair price???


  • and how to guarantee yourself 15% – 25% equity or a positive rental cash flow???


If you don’t, you could end up like one of the many investors who will lose money on a flip because they can’t sell their property for enough to pay off their mortgage (never mind making a profit) and can’t rent it for enough to cover the mortgage and maintenance costs.

I’ve developed a set of linked Excel spreadsheets, the Rehab Offer Calculator, that instantly gives you:

  • the maximum price you should pay for a fixer upper to get the profit margin you want


  • detailed repair cost estimates that you can compare to contractor bids to make sure you aren’t paying too much


  • a complete materials sheet including quantities needed and a detailed description of each material


And I understand how to turn a fixer upper house into cash, I’ve been involved in the real estate industry for over 20 years and currently have a portfolio of 6 properties.


Stop guessing when you buy a fixer upper house –

Use the Rehab Offer Calculator to know exactly what you’re going to make on any flip or exactly what your return will be if you plan on holding the house.



The Rehab Offer Calculator is a user-friendly, inexpensive spreadsheet alternative to the Construction Cost estimating programs I’ve used….and none of those include a maximum offer price or cash flow calculation.  I’d strongly recommend it for any real estate investor who is buying fixer upper properties.

Randy Gibson, Gibson General Contracting, Lakewood Ohio


How my Rehab Offer Calculator house flip spreadsheets will help take the risk out of buying fixer upper properties:

Anyone, even someone with no home repair or construction experience, can use it to accurately estimate the cost of all the repairs a fixer upper property needs and what the maximum offer for the property should be to get the profit you want. 

Most inputs require you to just choose from a drop down or check a box to indicate that a repair is needed – I’ve eliminated the complicated time consuming measurements that other house flip and repair cost estimator tools need to work.  Don’t waste your time doing dozens of measurements in every property you consider.


Input is straightforward and easy – Do It Yourself (DIY) button included for items you plan on doing yourself (labor cost removed).

You can select all repairs needed to accurately estimate a house as fast as you can walk thru it!.  Bring your laptop or Windows/Excel enabled tablet or use the included Property Inspection checklist sheets!


Results will be accurate and applicable to you rather than just the sum of industry averages for all of the work you are doing.

392 current Labor and Materials costs are included and aren’t industry averages or some other vague number but rather actual labor and materials (mostly Home Depot) costs. 

The Regional Cost Adjustment feature allows you to adjust the estimate costs used to match costs in your area!


fixer upper house offer calculator

Don’t get caught short when unexpected repairs pop up:  A contingency (cushion) is automatically added to the total repair costs to cover any unexpected costs….and you can choose how much contingency is added to each room.

Using the Rehab Offer Calculator saves you time on your Home Depot or other building supply trips and avoids frequent trips back for the items you forgot to write on the scrap of paper you were using.

A materials list is automatically generated based on your input.

Makes it simple for you to compare your budgeted amount against any contractor’s bid and immediately see where costs can be cut if necessary.

Budgets are grouped by both contractor and room

Includes ability to enter actual contractor bids – and then automatically calculates the variance between the bid and budgeted amount

Contractor Budget

You spend your time buying properties and creating wealth instead of building spreadsheets or searching thru construction cost books and old contractor invoices looking for repair costs – only to forget one or more items and underestimate the cost of repairs.

I’ve spent well over 200 hours modifying this tool since I first started offering it in 2008 so that it works well in the field.  The current version includes revisions and adds based on over 5 years of User feedback… and me using it personally in my real estate business.

Couldn’t you just build your own house flip spreadsheet? Sure you can if you have some Excel experience and know-how….but you’ll find out in a minute why there’s no way you’ll be able to justify this.


Here’s 3 reasons why you should use the Rehab Offer Calculator if you are buying fixer upper houses:


one  Buying a fixer upper property for even 55% – 60% of its after repaired value does not by itself guarantee success.

I purchased a two-family Lakewood, Ohio house for about 53% of the after repaired value (paid $75,000 appraised after repaired for $140,000)………..and I still found myself in a position where I only had a minimal equity gain that would have been all but wiped out if I’d tried to sell the house (about 12%) and cash flow that is not great for a two-family (< $150 month).  How did this happen?  I totally flubbed the repair estimate and didn’t have a way of calculating the effect of an offer price on my monthly cash flow.  I ran into repairs I had never done before and underestimated costs, didn’t allow for unexpected problems (the plumbing stack had a 6 ft long hole in it) and didn’t really make an accurate prediction of the mortgage payment and other carrying costs.  I felt safe because I was buying the property for about half of what it was worth…..and ultimately this wound up costing me $18,000 – the amount I went over budget and had to come up with out of my own pocket because I couldn’t refinance for enough to cover all my rehab costs.

My Rehab Offer Calculator not only allows you to quickly and easily estimate all repair costs (including a contingency for unexpected problems), it also immediately shows you the highest offer you should make on the property based on these costs and your desired flip profit or monthly cash flow.  If I’d had this tool when I was bidding on my Lakewood double, I sure wouldn’t have agreed to $75,000……and wouldn’t have worked my tail off for the better part of 4 months for almost no return.

twoYou should buy properties in this market based on cash flow rather than potential equity gain – even if you plan on flipping them.  You need a tool to quickly calculate rental results to avoid the risk of negative cash flow if you can’t sell your flip.

Another mistake I made was not thinking about the rent numbers and buying a house solely based on equity gain potential.  If you do this and find that you can’t quickly sell the house, what you end up with is a great paper gain  with a negative cash flow that can eat you alive.  I have one property where my repair estimates were somehow fairly accurate despite my lack of upfront calculation and the equity gain was about 30%, but today it rents for $775/month against monthly expenses of over $750 – so I’ve got almost $30,000 of equity  but will wind up writing a check from my own funds if any repairs are needed.  This is also why I rarely even look at houses in higher priced neighborhoods in the suburbs…..the rental market for them is tough and in some cases nonexistent and I buy properties to hold and rent.  But even if you are buying fixer uppers to flip, you have to know how the rental numbers work before you buy the house to protect yourself from losing the house if you can’t sell it.  Use my Rehab Offer Calculator to quickly calculate the effect of renting any property to protect yourself from cash draining negative cash flow.

threeIf you run across a particularly desirable fixer upper property, you won’t be the only investor that wants it and you need to be able to write your offer immediately.

You must be able to make a quick decision when you are fixer upper house shopping…..and there’s no reason to dwell on this decision.  Buying investment property is all about the numbers.  Either they work or they don’t.  My Rehab Offer Calculator will tell you immediately whether the numbers work or not and make it easy to make a quick decision on any property.  Use the Rehab Offer Calculator to create your entire rehab budget and confidently determine a safe maximum offer price after about 30 minutes at a property.

You get at least 10 times your money’s worth!


Construction cost estimating software can cost $600 or more, be difficult if not impossible for anyone without 10 years experience in construction to use, and doesn’t have the maximum offer price or rent vs. expense calculators that are included in the Rehab Offer Calculator

You could certainly build your own spreadsheet application, but consider that it took me over 80 hours to build the Rehab Cost Calculator + I’ve spent over 200 hours modifying it since I built it….and I’ve been using Excel every day for years.  Even if your Excel skills are excellent and you could build this spreadsheet much quicker than me (say in 40 hours), consider the cost of your time to do this.  If you earn $40,000/year for example, your time is worth about $20/hr.   Spending 40 hours building  the Rehab Cost Calculator would cost you $800 – even more if you earn in excess of $40,000/yr or don’t have advanced Excel Skills.  And don’t forget that you’d also have to have the same experience I do rehabbing houses….so you’d have to have taken at least one loss on a project, which would likely cost you thousands more!

But you won’t have to spend thousands or $800 or $600 on a tool that will help you avoid overspending on a fixer upper property.  You won’t even have to spend anywhere near $100..….the Rehab Offer Calculator is just $67.

AND To sweeten the deal even more, I’ll throw in absolutely free Rehab Offer Calculator upgrades. I use the Rehab Offer Calculator in my real estate business so it’s almost guaranteed that I’m going to find other features to add to it – you’ll get these features absolutely free even if I raise the price of the Calculator in the future!  


The Bottom Line:  If you act now, You’re getting more than $800.00 worth of real estate investment tools, information and advice for just $67



Even though you’re getting a tremendous value — I’m so confident that you’ll be completely satisfied  with the Rehab Offer Calculator and the bonuses that I’m willing to include a no questions asked, no time limit, 100% money back guarantee. 

Here’s how it works.  Order my Rehab Offer Calculator today — if the Rehab Offer Calculator doesn’t protect you from overpaying for a fixer upper property, just let me know and I will refund the full purchase price immediately – no questions asked.  And this guarantee doesn’t have a stopwatch attached to it…’s good forever.  That’s right, I’m so convinced that you will find that the Rehab Offer Calculator is a tool worth far more than the $67 purchase price that I’m not putting any time limits on the 100% money back guarantee.  Contact me 3 years from now after successfully buying 5 houses with it and tell me it didn’t work for the 6th….and I’ll still honor the refund.  

And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, I’ll go one step further.  If you contact me and let me know where to find a Rehab Offer Calculator tool that does everything mine does, is as easy to use and costs less, I’ll refund your $67 and also cover the cost of the other tool.  That means if the other tool costs $29.95, I’ll send you $96.95!!!

What I’m saying is, don’t decide now if the Rehab Offer Calculator is for you. The only sure way to decide is to get it and try it out.

  • If it doesn’t provide all of the information you need, 

  • if you don’t save time, money and frustration on your next property purchase,

  •  if it doesn’t help you, 

  • if it isn’t the best tool in the market today for calculating a safe purchase price for any fixer upper property

you have nothing to worry about because you can get every dime of your money back under my no-loopholes guarantee.

How to Order

  • Click on the Buy Now Link below to make your payment of $67 using any major credit card or PayPal.  This is a one time payment for the complete full version of the Rehab Offer Calculator – there are no hidden subscriptions or other payments to make.
  • You’ll immediately be emailed a link to use to download the full version of the Rehab Offer Calculator.
  • Begin using the Rehab Offer Calculator within minutes of your order (it only requires Microsoft Excel version 97-2003 or newer to run)